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How to get ready for a maternity photo shoot in Dubai
October 26, 2020
Maternity Photography in Dubai
Maternity Photography in Dubai
November 21, 2020

The best Diwali photography ideas for you | 2020 | dubaidiwali

best Diwali photography ideas

Here are the best Diwali photography ideas for you,

Diwali is the festival of lights and happiness, every photographer’s delight is to play with the lights and of course with the various varieties of crackers to crack up their photo-shoot sessions in this season.

With lights glittering everywhere, Diwali is a visually attractive scene that’s worth capturing as an image always.

But capturing the scenes of Diwali is a challenging task ever. If you are not using the right gadgets, you will end up with the blurred images. But you can do this in better way. Here are some steps to follow to get best Diwali photographs.

  1. Safety Precautions
  2. Get as close as you can
  3. Keep your camera steady
  4. Frame the Shot in Advance
  5. Diwali Family Photography
  6. Use On-Camera Flash

Safety Precautions:

Before capturing the images, keep some safety precautions in mind and start shooting.

  • Avoid keeping the camera or lens closer to the candle or lamp flames.
  • While capturing the cracker’s images, make sure to keep the camera with maximum distance.
  • Close your camera cap closed every time. Because, Diwali is also come with winters. Too much of moist and fog can damage your camera.

Get close as you can:

Natural shots always look better. Too much of zooming may drastically reduce your picture’s resolution and quality. Instead of zooming your lens, you come closer to the camera that will make a huge different and gives clarity.

Keep your camera steady:

Capturing fluttering lights and fireworks might be tricky. Make sure you holing your phone or camera steady. Also you can Use the Camera Shake Reduction filter to remove all the camera shakes from your pictures.

Also keep on taking more shots of one scene, one of them will be turned good.

Frame the Shot in Advance:

Analyse for the location where the cracker lights going to be visible. Since it is difficult to focus the dark sky, it is advisable to do manual focus. So, frame the shot using live-view.

Use On-Camera Flash:

While capturing fireworks, On-camera flash can be used as a fill flash to keep the subject and the background well exposed and clear. Setting the flash compensation will allow you to increase or decrease the flash power. Adjust it if you need and if your subject is over exposed reduce the amount of flash compensation.

Diwali Family Photography:

Diwali is the festival of lights and also the time of family togetherness.

This is the good time to get some family photos.

Take photos of your family and neighbors too. Share happiness and feel the joy of Diwali.

Give gift to your friends and families a photo album as the best Diwali gift.

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