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How to get beautiful wedding photography? Tips and tricks to Brides and Grooms!

How to get beautiful wedding photography?

Tips and tricks to get beautiful Wedding Photography for Brides and Grooms!

As a bride and groom to be, they might have much tension and pressure to meet their big day. And also they may worry about how the things will go on. One of the thing they worry about is their wedding photography.

Because, wedding photos are the one which will be yours to keep forever. Here are some wedding photography tips and tricks that will help you to get stunning photos.

  1. Decide your wedding photography style
  2. Hire a best wedding photographer
  3. Ask suggestion to your photographer
  4. Schedule your photo shoot time
  5. Go for a pre wedding photo shoot with your photographer
  6. Make a list the important moments to be captured
  7. Practice to pose in front of camera
  8. Be relaxed and have fun
  9. Eliminate camera shyness
  10. Trust your photographer

Decide your wedding photography style

It is important to choose your wedding photography style because, every photographer has different styles. Let’s have a look on some photography styles,

  • Traditional wedding photography
  • Portrait wedding photography
  • Photo journalistic Wedding Photography
  • Natural Wedding Photography
  • Aerial Wedding Photography
  • Illustrative Wedding Photography
  • Fashion Wedding Photography
  • Fine Art Wedding Photography
  • Vintage Wedding Photography
  • Black and White Wedding Photography

These are the wedding photography styles that every bride and groom should know before they choose their wedding photographer. If your wedding photos to be documented as a story teller, choose which photography style will suit you.

Hire a best wedding photographer

Once you have decided your wedding photography style, search for your wedding photographer who will suit to your style and expectation. When you search for your wedding photographer, ask for price, location, availability, services they offered. If you are looking a best photographer in Dubai, contact aina photography. We provide all type of photography services that you can search in our portfolio. Also ask about their availability in taking candid moments, shoot in dim light, quality of photos and everything.

Ask suggestion to your photographer

Everyone won’t be aware about photography. So, ask your photographer which style will suit for your wedding function. Also you can ask for some technical issues like if your venue has dim light, ask them for additional lights to bring. It will make your special day to move quite smoother.

Schedule your photo shoot time

It is important to schedule the photo shoot because the shoot is not going to be end once the wedding is finished. Next the outdoor photo shoot will be there once the wedding is finished. The post wedding outdoor shoot should be taken before sunset. If the location which you chosen for the shoot is very far from the wedding venue, you need to leave at least 2-3 hours before sun set since the sun light gives a splash look to the photos.

Go for a pre wedding photo shoot with your photographer

A pre-wedding photo shoot is a great opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other. After the pre-wedding shoot you will get an idea about your photographer that what style he follows. After pre-wedding shoot will help you to eliminate camera shyness. A productive pre-wedding shoot with your photographer will help you to be comfort in front of camera on your wedding day which lead to natural looking images.

Make a list the important moments to be captured

The wedding day provides your many candid and special moments of bride and grooms as well as the couple’s family and guest. Every wedding couple want those special moments to store in their album as a story teller forever. But it is good to make a list of those moments and give to your wedding photographer. So they will get an idea about what you expecting.

Practice to pose in front of camera

Do not worry on your wedding day whether you will look good on photos or not. There are some unique poses for wedding couples that you can practice before your special day. That poses will help you to look stunning on camera.

Practice to stand straight, shoulder back, and chin up. If you want a trail you can apply these tips for your pre wedding photoshoot.

Be relaxed and have fun

Once the wedding ceremony begins, forget about camera, do not think more about how you look on images and be relaxed. That will give a natural look for your photos.

Eliminate camera shyness

Obviously every bride and groom will feel nervous and tensed on their wedding day, but it is very important to smile even during some special moments. Remember you need to look good in all your candid pics.

Trust your photographer

Finally it is your photographer’s time and trust their skill and ability on editing and technical works.

We hope that these tips and tricks may help for your wedding day. If you are confusing about choosing your wedding photographer, feel free to contact us. We are at Aina photography would love to help you.

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