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5-tips to choose a professional photographer for a special event!

how to choose a professional photographer

If you are planning to organize an event in Dubai then it is must to hire an event photographer as it is simple to find. This blog will focus on how to choose a professional photographer for your special event. But before looking into how to choose a professional photographer, it is important to discuss why we should hire one.

Based on how you value photography, you may not think hiring a professional photographer is necessary. Maybe you have got amazing photographs from non-professionals before, so why you should hire?

Someone may get a luck or skill to click good photos here and there. But a professional photographer can give you a consistent results.

  1. Do initial interviews
  2. Review portfolio and samples
  3. Discuss about your specification
  4. Ask for quotation
  5. Expand your search about your photographer

Do initial interviews:

When you are hiring your professional photographer, you must ask them different question so that you can able to know their skill, knowledge of photography, experience etc. because, your business is depend on the photographer’s outcome.

So, make sure to ask all the questions before you hire. Some of the important questions are below,

Are you a full time or freelance photographer?

Do you require a written contract?

What is your experience level?

What camera do you use?

What is your photography style?

Review portfolio and samples:

Apart from being insured and well-experienced, one thing is not negligible while hiring professional photographer that is quality of their service. Once the initial interview is done, spend time to check their samples, reviews and testimonials. You can check their work from website, social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Look the reviews what people saying about them. Make sure that you will have a great experience with the photographer you choose, so be careful to choose a one.

Discuss about your specification

Since there are many specification in professional photography such as portrait photography, event photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, product photography and more, you must ask your photographer about what services they provide. Further you can ask more questions based on the function. For example, if you are looking for wedding photography you can ask your wedding photography about their team, what camera they use, what is the delivery time, do they have helicamara and more.

Ask for quotation

Each photographer will have a different budget level. You can ask them before you hire your professional photographer. It will be best if you select a one who is suitable for your budget. The budget may differ based on the technical works, equipment, day rent etc.

Sometime, photographer may provide additional offers if you are selecting full suite of services. Offer may like photo booth, specialized editing of photos and travel expense waivers etc.

Expand your search about your photographer

Before selecting your professional photographer, take time to know deeply about your photographer. You can also arrange a personal meeting to discuss directly about your special event.

If you are fully satisfied with the photographer and the photographer can successfully shoot for your event then you can choose your professional photographer without any doubt.

Aina provides all types of photography services that you can check in our portfolio. For more tips, check out our article here!

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