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February 24, 2021

Best places to take photo shoot in Dubai

Best places to take photo shoot in Dubai

A quick guide to choose your best places to take photo shoot in Dubai,

Wondering about the best places to take photo shoot in Dubai? The modern city of Dubai is a real dream destinations of everyone and one of the most photogenic places where everyone must take their photo shoot. Dubai’s beautiful parks, beaches, majestic skyscrapers, never ending highways and their beautiful views are awesome. Not only that, there are countless places to take photo shoot in Dubai. Here are some best places to take photo shoot in Dubai,

  1. Sunset Beach
  2. Burj khalifa
  3. Palm Jumeirah
  4. Dubai’s Miracle Garden
  5. Dubai desert
  6. Wings of Mexico Statue

Sunset Beach:

best places to take photo shoot in Dubai

If you are looking for best places to take photo shoot in Dubai, burj al arab is one of the famous place in UAE. The Sunset Beach is the ideal place to get a perfect sunset image with the iconic, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab in front. If you are curious to take photos with the sun, arrive by the time of sunset to get the golden opportunity and take different shots as the sky is painted with orange gold and lilac colors.

Burj khalifa:

best places to take photo shoot in Dubai

Dubai never get a wow factor without burj khalifa, perhaps the most impressive place to take photos in Dubai which is standing out with almost 1 kilometre height. Burj khalifa is the largest building in the world.

You will not only get an incredible view over here, but it is also one of the best places to take photo shoot in Dubai.

If you are planning to take photo shoot in Dubai, don’t miss out to come to burj khalifa since it give you an unimaginable view.

Palm Jumeirah:

best places to take photoshoot in Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah is a legendary hotel in Dubai located on the artificial palm-tree shaped. Generally, you will not be allowed inside if you are not a guest of the hotels of Palm Jumeirah. For that you will need to either stay there or take a day pass to visit the beaches. I am sure that is worth taking pass since we get beautiful water views. Arrive there in the morning to avoid crowd if you are going for a photo shoot. Other times it will be hard to take single photo without any other people at background.

Dubai’s Miracle Garden:

The Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most beautiful garden in Dubai. The Garden is full of flower installations like a huge sculptures covered with flowers.  It open annually from November to May, inside the garden there are beautiful huge passageway tunnels with heart shape, artsy animals, large floral castle etc. If you’re patient enough, definitely you will get more perfect shots.

Dubai desert:  

best places to take photoshoot in Dubai

Dubai is incomplete without visiting the Dubai Desert! Once you visiting here you are not only going to have an exciting day enjoying the desert, also you will get more and more amazing photos. If you want best pictures, visit during sunset.

Wings of Mexico Statue:

best places to take photoshoot in Dubai

You will find many places around Dubai, But Wings of Mexico statue is one of the iconic installations in Dubai. Definitely it is one of the best photo spot in Dubai.

The wings looks really photogenic and the background have the world’s largest building burj khalifa that gives a stunning look to your pictures and you can compose it within the frame of the wings.

Generally speaking, the best places to take photo shoot in Dubai are Sunset Beach, Burj khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s Miracle Garden, Dubai desert, Wings of Mexico Statue etc.

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