Maternity Photography in Dubai
Maternity Photography in Dubai
November 21, 2020
Best places to take photo shoot in Dubai
Best places to take photo shoot in Dubai
March 15, 2021

2021 | 5 trendy wedding photography poses for bride and groom

trendy wedding poses- AINA PHOTOGRAPHY

The 5 trendy wedding photography poses for bride and groom are follows

  1. The first Look
  2. The traditional portrait pose
  3. Close look
  4. One Behind the Other
  5. Resting Foreheads

The First Look:

trendy wedding photography poses

The first look is the most important moment to capture on your wedding day. If speaking traditionally, this is the first moment that the bride and groom sees each other in their wedding outfit. People believe that the groom should not see the bride before wedding.

So why not use it as a photo shoot idea among trendy wedding photography poses?

If you want it more creative, you could even blindfold them and get them to remove at the same time.

This wedding pose idea is a unique way to capture an unforgettable moment.

The traditional portrait pose:

trendy wedding photography poses

Over the year, the wedding photo always have the bride and groom straight to the frame. For a change, if the paid facing each other and giving a pleasant pose, no doubt, it going to be fabulous.

If you are a wedding photographer in Dubai, just ask the bride and groom to look face to face and smile each other. Make it a big portrait wedding photo frame.

This portrait will look fabulous on your wall and will remind you and your great day for life long.

Close look:

trendy wedding photography poses

Of course, there will be a lot of such poses in wedding photography that you may try to capture them without missing. But still try to recreate this idea in a peaceful and natural environment. Make the bride and groom relaxed and try to get them to look face to face closely. They may blush and smile that will make the photography giggle and the outcome of the photos will be great.

Basic V:

trendy wedding photography poses

This is one of the unique and traditional wedding pose. Tell the groom to hold bride’s waist area and ask bride to keep her hands on groom’s shoulder. On doing the same, they can hold each other and lean in. Of course, there are a lot of variation of V-pose you could with the different wedding couples.

Resting Foreheads and kiss:

Sometimes you plan many poses for your wedding photography template, but can’t remember every ideas when the couple feels shy and constrained. But this moment going to be romantic and make the bride and groom feel responsible on each other. Tell the wedding couple to hold their hands and kiss forehead each other.




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