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August 2, 2020

4 tips to make your wedding a happy and eco-friendly in this pandemic situation!

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4 tips to make your wedding a happy and eco-friendly in this pandemic situation!

Planning a wedding is a huge and long process that too in Lockdown because traditional weddings are all about those billion-minute details that could not excuse any. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, the couples can be creative during the Lockdown wedding preparations and can be careful of them and their guest’s health.

We know that organizing a lockdown wedding is really stressful and risky to manage. If you are already in half of the way of wedding preparation there is no use of shopping now and worry about it. It is natural for the couples being excited on their special day and they also have many planning to do different things on their wedding ceremony such as decoration, event organizing, selecting photographers and makeup artist etc.

But this pandemic situation makes us to get so convinced. But no worry, here are the 5-tips to organize your wedding happily and eco-friendly.

1.Choose your home as a party destination

Everyone aware of covid-19 now and people are panic to travel outdoor. So, do call your friends and relatives to your home and make them in a loop about lockdown wedding preparation and encourage them to maintain social distance.

2.Be mindful on hiring vendors

Choosing our vendor is very important thing on wedding. It is always good choosing our local vendors or freelancers who were friends and friends of friends.

When it comes to decoration part, ask your vendor to decorate your wedding spot with potted original plants to amp up your floor, rather than going for a flimsy fake ceiling with plastic tassels.

When it comes to catering service, find a caterer who exclusively works with environment friendly food setup rather than selecting commercial foods.

We all enjoy holding our memories in the form of albums and It’s worth the time and investment in protecting your photos and memories. So be mindful on choosing your photographer. If you are looking for a freelancer photographer in Dubai, call or WhatsApp us on (+971) 052 125 1320.

3.Return gift

If you are planning for some grand rituals in lockdown wedding, then it is gift your guest a healthy basket full of with sanitizers, masks, tissues and hand wash. love each other even in a hard situation

Providing after-party transportation for guests in buses, vans is not only safer, but it also decreases the possibility of getting virus attack in order to considering your guest’s health.

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