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How to get ready for a maternity photo shoot in Dubai

maternity photo shoot in Dubai

Tips to get ready for a maternity photo shoot in Dubai

For all mom-to-be, pregnancy time is precious time in their family’s adventure life. Whether you are a mom for first, second or third time, every pregnancy should be documented and celebrated because this is one of the beautiful and unforgettable and scared time of a women’s life.

Are you ready for your maternity photo shoot? Then here are a few things you should keep in mind before your maternity photo shoot,

  1. Best time for maternity shoot
  2. Comfortable maternity clothing
  3. Bring your family
  4. Find right maternity photographer
  5. Prepare maternity props

maternity photo shoot in Dubai  maternity photo shoot in Dubai

Best time for maternity shoot:

When it comes to maternity photo shoot, it is always best to shoot between 7th to 8th months, so the baby bump will look good in pictures. If your belly is big enough and extend out of your chest line, it will be good in photos. We need to show off big round belly.

Comfortable maternity clothing

Make sure that you are wearing comfortable dress which make you feel relaxed and confident. We suggest you to wear maternity dresses like maxi, long flowing skirt, floral dresses and any dresses you feel comfortable with is fine. Tube dresses are better to show off your belly in shape. Make sure to wear solid color dress.

Bring your family

Having a family maternity photo shoot is amazing but also a bit risky. If the elder sibling(s) are very young it’s quite hard to get them in front of camera. So keep it light and fun. Do focus on the interaction with the family rather than being portraits.

Find right maternity photographer

Every photographers are not same with style they follow. Decide which style you want to follow, in case if you haven’t made up with any ideas where and how you want to do the shoot, don’t worry! We can help you with exciting maternity package in Dubai which will tempt you! Check our maternity photo shoot offer and book your shoot without missing the offer.

Prepare maternity props

Don’t get over confused about properties if you are a new mom or new to maternity photo shoot. It is always best to have a baby shoes, alphabet letters to write up your baby name, some elegant flowers, and toys, scan printout(if possible) and anything you can think of.

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